Murder on the North Sea Page 5

Sinister CoverThere are two certainties in life: Death and Shuffleboard…

Murder on the North Sea Page 4

Sinister CoverPage 4… Murder and accusations…

Murder on the North Sea Page 3

Sinister CoverPage 3… The inevitable dinner and death…

Murder on the North Sea Page 2

Sinister CoverPage 2 of MURDER on the North Sea…

Murder on the North Sea Page 1

Murder on the North Sea Pop SmoothieIt has been a long wait…. I present page 1 of Murder on the North Sea

Game of Thrones Look and Find

Game of Throne Look and Find

I am sure everyone is as excited as we are about season 4 of Game of Thrones. We usually have a premiere cook off, but this April is too busy for us.

We will have some multi-course party closer to the finale when thing are less insane (ha).

It occurs to me when I do these, color may make my look and find too easy to solve. Often they are in black and white to fool the eye in books and magazines and that seems to work well with the theme.

I knew starting this there was no hope of getting more than a tiny fraction of the characters or story packed into on image so I focused on my favorite characters. Obviously, it cherry-picks the books/movies  and there are spoilers, but I suspect if you have not seen the shows or read the books, the images will not mean much.

I do love some of the characters. Sam Tarly is my favorite caricature of the bunch.

EPSON scanner image


GI Joe Cop Blister Pack


In honor of tonight’s episode of Community, an illustration I did for Hasbro in the 90s for their GI Joe line of heroes like cops, firemen, etc.

The creative brief was to make the comic very Quentin Tarantino without the blood or foul language. That is probably the best art direction I ever got. I still chuckle at it.

I wish I had a sample or a version with the type. Back then we saved stuff on Syquest drives so I am lucky to have anything.

I never got a product sample but was told it came out and was on the shelves. Toy companies are bad about that…


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