Maryline and a Wizard School in Scotland

When I was a kid, the Madeline series by Ludwig Bemelmans was a favorite. I adored the books.

Recently, when I was looking at a Facebook post by the Society of Illustrators, I saw they were inducting Bemelmans into the 2012 Hall of Fame.

It got me thinking of how the premise would totally work with a Harry Potter theme. The idea rolled around my brain for a while and I finally succumbed to the temptation to do this cartoon.

It was interesting to work in a style slightly like Bemelmans; drawing all in loose brush strokes with the simple mostly flat colors. Of course, he also had color plates in the books with the addition of pastel and pencil, but I like the simple images more. I am working on a couple books with fairly complex illustrations, so this was a great palette cleanser.

So the result is this homage. Serendipitously, while I worked on this yesterday the last Harry Potter movie was on HBO. There is something satisfying in the end where all the main characters stand up against the death eaters in a big way. That kind of explains how I ended this little comic. Although one could say it is merely just another case of me ending a story by blowing things up; it just worked out especially well in this case.

I should note that I did not get to enjoy Harry Potter when I was young. I know I would have absolutely loved it since I was a fantasy addict. As an adult, the series has been a wonderful experience, but there is something about reading something like that as a kid that is tough to duplicate.

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27 responses to “Maryline and a Wizard School in Scotland”

  1. Bearman says :

    Perfect mash up. Love it

    • cswalddesign says :

      It just seemed to work and it kind of wrote itself. Now I just need to come up with a Prometheus idea. One of my favorite Mad Magazine movie parodies was the Alien one in the 70s.

  2. Jeyna Grace says :

    That is so cool!

  3. Amy Bogard says :

    Christina your work never ceases to amaze!! We love both Madeline and Harry! Wait til my kids see this!

  4. Tim Fuller says :

    Very cute story! Love the art style.

  5. Viki Woodworth says :

    Great job, Christina! I love it! And Madeline was my favorite as a child. Seems only right that she should be at Wizard School as well.

  6. cswalddesign says :

    So excited that io9 posted a link to this comic on their blog! Welcome visitors! This site is a way to let my inner Mad Magazine artist out when I am not buried under deadlines.

  7. onegirlgeek says :

    This is amazing! Brilliant idea for a mashup. The kid in me who grew up with Harry and Madeline approves 100%. :D

  8. nervousandromeda says :

    My parents bought me a collection of Madeline books when I was little. Your art is beautiful and so perfect! if you were inspired for more that would be excellent.

  9. mercedesvalle says :

    Reblogged this on Mercedes' Often Neglected Blog and commented:
    Harry Potter meets Madeline. So cute!

  10. Cathy says :

    Can I order prints?

  11. Sum_guy says :

    Wait- Scotland? Isn’t Madeline from PARIS?
    I guess its hard to find a rhyme with “Beaubaxtons”

    • cswalddesign says :

      That is a good idea actually. The Beauxbatons did live a Hogwarts during the 4th book and the Madeline series does cover the girls traveling to many places. The subconscious works in mysterious ways…

  12. Vanessa says :

    OMG! I leave for two weeks and you make a book! You never cease to amaze me. Love it!

  13. Brooke says :

    You captured the beautiful simplicity of the Madeline books in both word and art! I love it and I’m so glad I found a link to your art blog! =)

  14. Jenna says :

    That awkward moment when you realize that Hatty Jones (who played Madeline in the live-action adaption) was almost chosen to play Hermione in the Harry Potter movies.

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