Opera Pop

Revenge of the Valkyrie

Revenge of the Valkyrie

The most recent sketch challenge for The Ghost Empire Collective.

The theme was Star Wars and Music.

I have always thought that operas were the blockbusters of their time with ostentatious sets and over the top special effects. The Ring Cycle by Wagner was The Lord of the Rings movies of its time. (JRR. Tolkien denied he was influenced by The Ring Cycle)

I got the idea because I had just watched Wagner & Me with Stephen Fry discussing Richard Wagner (and the controversy over his legacy). (I never knew that Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria was built in honor of Wagner’s work.)

Of course the Bugs Bunny cartoon What’s Opera Doc is also a tribute to Wagner.

I think Princess Leia is a great Brünnhilde.

This sketch also has a dash of Aida. I can never get The Grand March tune from that one out of my head.