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Matt Smith Sketch

Christina Wald-1-2-15-MSMITH

Happy New Year!

Little sketch I did yesterday for my Dr. Who loving nephew and my friend’s daughter during our belated family Christmas celebration.

We also played Boss Monster, which was fun after we finally figured it out.

Show Opening at Popp=d ART

10th doctorJaimie Filer, Anthony ‘Tank’ Mansfield and I have a show opening tonight at Popp=d ART in Clifton on Short Vine.

Stop by and say hi! This guy above is in the show and much more! Mermaids, Marios and a dash of Vee!

A Little Loki

Loki by Chrisitna WaldI have been super, super swamped lately. The good news is after I finish the book I am currently illustrations, I will be catching on comic projects. I have a couple zines and a webcomic in the works.

In the meantime, I just found out that Murder on the North Sea is a finalist in the mini-comic category of the SPACE Day Prize. How cool! Now I just need to do the next one…

Sinister Cover-Murder on the North SeaSo, until there are more comics, enjoy this little Tom Hiddlston/Loki painting…

Kim Novak and Pyewacket or Happy Halloween!

Bell Book and Candle

Getting into the spirit of Halloween in the sketchbook today and National Cat Day yesterday.

This is from my favorite movie growing up, Bell, Book and Candle.

I even had a cat named Pyewacket (I spelled it wrong though as Piewacket). She was not a Siamese but was memorable for her desire to kill all humans or at least stick her claws in them.

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the new black

Just finished the second season of Orange is the New Black.

I have to say my favorite new character is Vee. She is the Dolores Umbridge of OITNB.

Ultimately, I was not happy with the resolution to her story arc…

Of course, if you have not checked out the OITNB Zine, please do!