Orange is the New Black

Orange is the new black

Just finished the second season of Orange is the New Black.

I have to say my favorite new character is Vee. She is the Dolores Umbridge of OITNB.

Ultimately, I was not happy with the resolution to her story arc…

Of course, if you have not checked out the OITNB Zine, please do! http://issuu.com/standingstill/docs/standingstill

Orange Is the New Black Zine is out!

My piece is on page 45.

As a treat, here is my thumbnail sketch.

EPSON scanner image

This is an insight into how this look and find drawings start. Very rough but there is a vitality in them that is hard to pull all the way through the finished cartoon.

Here is the final:

EPSON scanner image

Affleck is the New Bat…


This cartoon popped into my head when I heard the announcement about the next Batman and we were talking about it on twitter. I could not resist it. One can only hope that Kate Mulgrew will play the Joker in the franchise reboot. I wondered what the effect of watching Orange is the New Black a couple times would be…

I personally hope for a return to the batusi…

I should mention, my husband was on the Batman toy design team at Kenner/Hasbro in the 1990s during the Clooney era. Now THAT was a movie that could have worked with the Watusi. Batman and Robin was quite the confection…