Star Wars 2015 in the Disney Universe

This is my reaction to the Disney purchase of Lucasfilms… I would so go to see this movie.

It is funny because I loved these old Disney movies. I even read the Escape from Witch Mountain novelization. I am not sure many remember The Cat from Outer Space, but I liked that so much at the time that I made a beaded collar for my cat Piewacket (I named her after the cat in my other favorite movie at the time, but spelled it wrong-no internet back then or DVDs) so she looked like the cat in the movie. She did not appreciate my efforts and had it torn up in a day (she was notorious for her rather irascible personality, being named after a witch’s cat was appropriate).

There are a lot of weird parallels between the Witch Mountain movies and Star Wars. They even have Christopher Lee in common…

I have done a lot of Star Wars art in the past for West End Games back in the 90s, too bad they did not have a Return from Witch Mountain module…
By the way, if you think the Bette Davis thing is a stretch, they are currently recreating dead actors digitally so who knows who will appear in these movies…
UPDATE: I saw these today on Design Taxi from the Conan show:


    1. Thanks 🙂 The “DarkSidey” is just a little icing on the cake.

      It interesting when you do these mashups how much some of these stories have in common. What is up with this Hollywood obsession with twin orphans?

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