James Bond and the Prisoner of Skyfall

We saw Skyfall yesterday with some friends and on the way home, Troy wondered how the MI6 will be now that Voldemort is in charge. So, this is my response… It had to be done really. I present the next Bond sequel!

7 is a big number in the Harry Potter universe and so much of the other imagery (flying cars, stags, Scotland) begged to go together like a puzzle.

While working on this spoof, I looked at a lot of old James Bond posters and was amazed by the amazing illustration on some of them. I am not sure why they only use photos now. Is it that illustration has gone way out of style for this type of marketing?

This one in particular is stunning…

Here are more… Enjoy!


  1. Have you seen the video piece on the guy that has done so many of the most iconic movie posters, Indiana Jones, Goonies, Star Wars….can’t remember his name but it was a great video?

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