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We Interrupt this Program…

We just got back from vacation last week from the Northeast. The purpose of the trip was to go to my Godmother’s daughter’s wedding in Vermont.

The bride had an amazing dress (she is also very tall so could model dresses really) and I asked her where she got it. She lives in Brooklyn and told me she got it at Kleinfeld of the infamous “Say Yes to the Dress” fame. I have seen the show many times but the name of the actual store had not had not sunk in.

I realized the name was like Seinfeld, one of my favorite shows ever and this comic concept was born. I am almost done with the next Fairy Godfather installment, but this concept kept haunting me and I had to draw it. One of the great things about a webcomic like this is its whole purpose is I can do whatever I want. (That also applies to the format. I am not restrained by page size so it I want to make a super-tall comic, I will.)

A note about the ending: It appears I cannot write a comic without blowing everything up at the end. It goes from zero to mayhem in one panel. I talked to my husband Troy about this disturbing tendency and agreed the only explanation comes from the famous Monty Python line: “It’s a fair cop but society’s to blame…”

Spoiler Alert: The Fairy Godfather does not end that way because it was written by someone else.

So, I present you with Skleinfeld!