The BBC Amusment Park I Would Like to Visit

Pop Smoothie BBC Amusement ParkA while ago it was announced that there is going to be a BBC Amusement Park opening in 2020.

This is the park I want to visit… Of course rides like the Absolutely Fabulous Blackout and the Black Adder Adventure Times would have to be in later park expansions.

Fortunately, I had help with this cartoon with my Imagineer friends who came up with way more ideas than I had time to draw. I used the most suggestions from Katie Wearne (who feels that we should start designing real amusement parks) and additional help from Nicole Justice, John Karabaic, Avys Hardison, Matt Harmon and Troy Cooksey. Additional thanks to Tiffany Jeane Vincent for a last minute suggestion to the Dr. Who ride name that made it 50% cooler!

I sketched more rides than ended up in the final map; maybe there will be an expansion map with the Chef! Food Court

Oh, and sorry Top Gear… Maybe that can be in the expansion.

The Game is On!


Who else is excited to see the new episodes of Sherlock coming out in January? I know I am. I watched the first couple seasons several times. Sadly, in the US we have to wait for a couple weeks, but it will be on in the UK New Year’s Day.

Anyway, my last Look and Find was so well received that I decided to do another one… My friend who does hidden pictures for Highlights magazine said I should send them some designs. I have not been motivated to construct one that is kid oriented yet…

The process of this cartoon was really interesting. The set designers on this show are wallpaper crazy; it is in almost every residence. There is definitely a feel of bachelor living to the main apartment design for the main characters. 221b genuinely has a cluttered appearance.

Again, I got in most of my favorite characters. I originally intended to have more of the police officers in the composition, but scaled things back a little bit. Similarly, there are not items related to every episode in the toon, just my favorites.

As you can see from the last Pop Smoothie entry, Martin Freeman (and Benedict Cumberbatch for that matter) are very busy men. I still think MF found his roll in Love Actually to be the most enjoyable. Definitely the costume for that role was the least cumbersome…

Happy New Year’s everyone!

The Hobbit Actually


This is a fitting holiday post for Pop Smoothie. The Hobbit is being released for the holidays and of course Love Actually is a Christmas movie. The way the movie industry regurgitates franchises, I fully expect this silly concept to become reality. I think they can squeeze out a few more Hobbit movies with special guest stars! It would only take a couple teensy liberties…

I often wonder which movie Martin Freeman enjoyed making more of these two…

It is interesting, to do this cartoon, I really looked at all the dwarf designs in depth for the first time for the movies. I saw the first one of course but had not taken in all the details.

Back in the 90s I painted a lot of dwarves for the Middle Earth CCG.

It never once occurred to me to put a macrame design in their beards. Seeing it in the movie designs made me wish I had. I am sure the AD would have approved.

It made me wonder who does those elaborate designs. In the Tolkien universe, it is mentioned that dwarf women are never seen and have beards like the men. Perhaps they are never seen because they are constantly crafting exotic new beard styles.

And what is up with Kili? It looks like perhaps the mountain had a cute elven mailman? Maybe that is why they are so protective of their ladies…

ME Cards1less twisted

A couple of my Hobbit cards from The Dragons expansion. L: Bilbo running from Smaug’s fire R: The King Under the Mountain I need to scan this painting. It is in a frame so a bit difficult to get to. If only I had drawn him with a big macrame planter in his beard. That would have been COOL!

We have plans to see Desolation of Smaug this Sunday before our Illustrators yearly Christmas party. It has actually gotten some good reviews. I will report back…

UPDATE: This joke trailer for Love Actually 2 is perfect:

UPDATE 2: I recently was arguing with friends about whether or not Desolation of Smaug is fan fiction. I said it was the most expensively produced piece of fan fiction ever. My friend said it cannot be since it is officially licensed by the Tolkien estate.

I just fount this review in The Atlantic by Christopher Orr which basically said what I did, although a bit harsher.

Death after Rather a Nice Lunch is a S.P.A.C.E. Prize Finalist!!!

Sinister CoverMy Ultimate Sinister mini-comic is a 2013 S.P.A.C.E. Prize Finalist. How exciting! It makes me feel better about working on a few more stories featuring him…

Orange is the New Black Zine

EPSON scanner imageI recently found out about an Orange is the New Black Zine from Julia Lavigne on Twitter. I loved the show so much that I had to do an image.

I have a friend who does a hidden image pictures for Highlights magazine. Inspired by the images she brings to our weekly Illustrators Lunches, I made this one. I got in all my favorite characters.

If you love the show, they just extended the deadline a week.

Artist guidelines…


Revenge of the Jesse

Revenge of the JessseNote: This cartoon is a bit of a spoiler.

This was the first idea that came to mind as I watched the finale. I did a sketch and promptly dropped into an inescapable deadline vortex. I am still in a deep hole from a deadline standpoint, but finished this while on vacation in NYC.

So this is a bit late, but since it is a commentary on the last episode, hopefully those who looked forward to seeing Felina have already watched it. Note: There is imagery in the background that refers to the Breaking Bad podcast and what Gilligan had hoped to do.

Perhaps this cartoon will inspire people to wear Jesse’s slave outfit at cons instead of Princess Leia’s. No? I thought not…

Affleck is the New Bat…


This cartoon popped into my head when I heard the announcement about the next Batman and we were talking about it on twitter. I could not resist it. One can only hope that Kate Mulgrew will play the Joker in the franchise reboot. I wondered what the effect of watching Orange is the New Black a couple times would be…

I personally hope for a return to the batusi…

I should mention, my husband was on the Batman toy design team at Kenner/Hasbro in the 1990s during the Clooney era. Now THAT was a movie that could have worked with the Watusi. Batman and Robin was quite the confection…