Holiday Madcap

The Great Pumpkin

The Great Punpkin Cartoon

A friend had a cartoon challenge with several topics. I chose the great pumpkin. Of course, there was only one direction I could go with it…

I have been listening to a lot of Wodehouse lately and of course am anticipating Downton Abbey. But of course The Great Gatsby is about America in the 20s… I highly recommend The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. It imagines the life a young Ernest Hemingway life in Paris and hanging out with many other now famous artists and authors including the Fitzgeralds.

Another good inspiration is Cold Comfort Farm, both the book and the movie. (The edition of the book with the cover by Roz Chast is my favorite).

Now, back on track for the next Ultimate Sinister Comic, Adventures in America.

a very, super special spectacular, spectacular pop smoothie epic holiday special


The name says it all really. I tried to fit it all in: weird holiday specials, the 70s, weird variety shows, Mayans, zombies, the year of the dragon… Points to anyone who gets all the references.

A note about 70s television: I am not sure if it was on the whole “worse”, there just seems to be a lot better TV now because there is so much to choose from. Even if the percentage of good is less, there is so much that the number is greater.

There was a time when mimes had a prime time show and Charro was on everything, but everything was not very much content. Maybe that is why I read a lot more as a kid or played outside.

I actually do not mean to even knock Shields and Yarnell. They were pretty entertaining to us at the time. I was in school and got the Dynamite magazine where they were on the cover. As I drew this comic, I was surprised to find out that Robert Shields actually has an art career now. There is some pretty cool stuff on his site.

And of course, people look at the Star Wars Holiday Special now with horror, but back then after years of Sid and Marty Krofft shows, as kids, we watched it and even liked it. We all liked the movie so much back then that if the show had been a Han Solo Hypnotoad, we would have probably tuned in…

Anyway, assuming I am not clinging to a bit of molten rock after the 21st, I look forward to a second year of Pop Smoothie…

The Spectacular, Spectacular is Coming…


I am just adding color a very, super special spectacular, spectacular pop smoothie epic holiday special. Enjoy this tiny tidbit from the comic while you wait. Did you doubt there would be a dragon???

In other over-hyped holiday news, we are seeing The Hobbit tomorrow. I did art for the card game back in the 90s and am a HUGE Tolkien fan. I hope this will not be disappointing.

I also wonder which movie was more fun for Martin Freeman (the actor playing Bilbo) to make, The Hobbit or Love Actually? I am guessing Love Actually, but he would probably never admit it… He was certainly not acting with dwarves in that movie…

Anyway, below are several LOTR/Hobbit images. Yes, I painted these a little while ago…

King Under the Mountain from Middle Earth: The Dragons. A Dwarf picture. I did a lot of those...

King Under the Mountain from Middle Earth: The Dragons. A Dwarf picture. I did a lot of those…


From Middle Earth: The Dragons
Bilbo and crew…


Dol Guldur from Middle Earth: The Wizards
Not originally in The Hobbit, but now it is in the movie! Oh that Peter…

Happy Thanksgiving in the Year of the Dragon


Yep, just a couple more to finish up the year… You thought I would get tired of this Year of the Dragon stuff??? No way!

Stay tuned for the Pop Smoothie Holiday Special comic with loads of special guest stars and musical numbers…

Game of Pumpkins

My husband and I have become HUGE Game of Thrones fans. Our friend Jennifer introduced us to the books several years ago and we listened to all the audiobooks (great for long road trips).

I also love the Inn at the Crossroads site where they create recipes based on the books. At this year’s April 1st HBO premiere, we had a pot-luck dinner where everyone referenced recipes from their cookbook or medieval ones. It was good fun.

This is an odd idea that struck me. When I described it to Troy, he said the idea was not funny. Maybe I described it badly (I hope).

I have always been a big fan of Peanuts comics, although despite a big licensing push lately with the property, I have wondered how kids these days feel about the strip. They recently re-branded the local amusement park with Peanuts characters from the cool Nickelodeon ones. It seemed like an odd choice… Do kids really like or get Sopwith Camel jokes? I see they are working on a movie for 2015. I am curious how it will be received after reboots of comics like Tin-Tin. (A comic I also love…)

Anyway, it works great with Game of Thrones… Right? Right?!

Happy Halloween!

Year of the Dragon, Neil Gaiman and Flamingos

I recently saw there is a tumblr that consists of Neil Gaiman and Flamingos. It seemed to work inĀ  my brain with Pop Smoothie and the Year of the Dragon. I admit I get a bit silly when I am up in the wee hours (couldn’t sleep).

I also have a couple Year of the Dragon Halloween posts coming up and a special one pager called Game of Pumpkins.