Ultimate Sinister

Character Sketch for Next Ultimate Sinister

CWald-Sinister Tiger 2-8-14Continuing development for the next Ultimate Sinister comic. Need to come up with a name for this evil fellow. One of the few with more money than Sinister.

New Ultimate Sinister In America

EPSON scanner image

Starting to concept sketch my next Ultimate Sinister story…It starts with a cruise across the Atlantic on a White Star style ocean liner or as the Sinister calls it, a small yacht.

Here Purrty and Felix watch the ship arrive at the port.

Death After Rather a Nice Lunch-The Thrilling Conclusion

Sinister Cover

This convenient little non-nonsensical wrapup always happens at the end of these mysteries… I wonder if anyone has ever though about putting an Avengers-style movie starring all the mystery sleuths. Maybe Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes, Jessica Fletcher, Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown…